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The decision to amend the value of real estate investment to 400k dollars in exchange for Turkish citizenship

The decision issued by the Official Gazette
on today dealt with the amendment of the law on obtaining exceptional
Turkish citizenship by purchasing a property to be worth: 400 thousand
dollars instead of 250 thousand dollars. The new law will enter into force
on June 13. Until this date, work will be carried out according to the old system,
approving the value of 250 thousand dollars for the property eligible for Turkish citizenship.
Translation of the decision to amend the value of the property suitable for Turkish citizenship
The translation of the decision issued by
the Official Gazette came as follows: «Official Gazette No. 31834 dated Friday 13/05/2022 Decision No.: 5554 The decision was made to implement the executive regulations related to making a change
in the executive regulations for the implementation of the Nationality Law Turkish citizenship under Article 46 of the Turkish Nationality Law No. 5901. Regulations relating to a change in the implementing
regulations for the implementation of the Turkish Nationality Law: Article 1: The phrase $400,000 shall be replaced by the phrase $250,000, contained in Clause b of Article 20 of the Regulations relating to the implementation of the Turkish Nationality Law Turkish citizenship, which entered into force by Cabinet Decision No. 2010/139 dated 11/2/2010.

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