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Real estate services in Turkiye

About Us

MJR Group provides various commercial and real estate services

Commercially, our services are expanded inside and outside in many forms and patterns. We offer you many of the required materials, whether they are from the world of construction, from building materials or others, or from a variety of foodstuffs. Our experience is high in the world of import from and to Turkish lands as well, after we acquired it during Years of importing food.

construction and real estate

One of the important departments in our group is MJR GROUP, where we provide real estate and legal advice through full knowledge of the Turkish market and we are ready to implement all construction projects, small and large, investment or residential

Buying and selling real estate

Completing deals from an expert real estate team, holders of classifications and licenses from the Turkish Lands and Housing Department, we provide you with the best property for your successful investment based on strong foundations for the long term, and also we are ready to sell your pre-owned property also at the best market prices offered.

Real Estate Management

Real estate management in all administrative, legal and financial aspects, as we guarantee the investor profits and a good return that achieves the goal of his investment.

many investments

Diverse projects looking for an ambitious investor who wants to build a strong future based on the foundations and careful studies from experts and a young crew who are ready to implement them in a way that helps achieve strong success

Our wonderful crew

The MJR GROUP staff consists of employees, success partners, and many ambitious young agents from several Arab nationalities around the world who work hard and persevere day and night to create investment opportunities and to enhance their success. The media and many other fields are all ready to serve you to the fullest

Executive Director
Entrepreneur Mohamed Rabous

A word from the CEO of the company:

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you, dear investor. My most important advice to you is to seize opportunities because opportunities come few and fast. You have to know that opportunity is a rare currency. If you do not take advantage of the opportunity, you will lose a lot and a lot. We proudly present to you the most important real estate and commercial investment projects, after several years in The world of business and gaining experience in creating ideas and projects of all kinds. We are pleased that you are a large part of this success, and I am confident that our staff is fully prepared to complete these great successes. We strive to provide the best services with the best possible quality and with complete professionalism, and I hope that you will be part of these great successes.

General Director
MR . Moatasem Jaber

A word from the general manager of the company:

The best thing to start with is prayer and peace be upon the most honorable creation and messengers, Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him. During the previous years in Turkey, specifically in Istanbul, the commercial and industrial capital of the Middle East region in particular, and the world in general, it became clear to me that Turkey has a future in the world of business and investment in multiple respects. Including the geographical location that distinguishes it from others, as it is a gateway to the European continent and a link to the Middle East, and on the other hand, the cultural proximity between Turkey and the Arab and Islamic peoples, which gives the investor comfort and safety.
On the other hand, experience and good knowledge in the Turkish market and long experience encouraged us to establish a company

By providing advisory and executive services at the same time to serious investors through our experience and our relationships, and by exploiting the energies of ambitious youth to achieve tangible and significant successes.

As writer Jackson Brown said:

The important rules in the business world, the greater the difficulty and sometimes the difficulties, the greater and great the output. Our goal is to be the safe and reliable address for our dear customers. We work to find investment opportunities, rely on God, and offer you the best projects, God willing.

Your success is our success

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